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NCCCS hosts CCS workshop

On Tuesday 21st February, NCCCS hosted a workshop titled

"Potential Environmental Effects of CO2 leakage in the Marine and Terrestrial Environment: Understanding; Monitoring; Mitigation".

The workshop was attended by over 60 delegates from industry and academia and was funded by UKCCSC. The event was organised in collaboration with the Environmental Sustainability KTN, the Energy Generation & Supply KTN, and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).

The main talks were:

• Marine projects and dispersion (Jerry Blackford, PML)
• Marine monitoring (Ian Wright, National Ocenaography Centre)
• Marine impacts and risk assessment (Steve Widdicombe, PML)
• Natural Analogues (Giorgio Caramanna, NCCCS/University of Nottingham)
• Terrestrial risks (Dave Jones, NCCCS/BGS)
• Industrial perspective on marine/terrestrial risk (Ian Phillips, CO2Deepstore Ltd)

The purpose of the meeting was to

Identify the current state of R&D concerning potential CO2 leakage in the marine and terrestrial environment;
Identify the issues and gaps in current research;
Identify what needs to be done to address these gaps;
Produce a report to highlight some areas of research that may require further investigation before CCS is deployed commercially.

Delegates debated questions concerning the workshop's theme and presented their views to everyone at the end of the day.

The results of these discussions have been recorded in a report that can be viewed by following this link, where presentations given at this workshop are also available for viewing.

Presentation by Dave Jones

Presentation by Dave Jones at the workshop

Posted on Thursday 23rd February 2012

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